Digital Marketing - What , Is is needed . What should i do

What is Digital Presence?


The digital presence or Web presence is your or your business identity over the internet just like your existence in this world. 


Many of us think about Websites at first when it comes to Digital Presence on the Internet which is True but not the only option. You have many other options like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and many other digital platforms that can be used to create your Digital Presence.


If you are a new bee in this Digital world think about your goals which you want to achieve from this Digital world and Find out which suits you.


For eg: You can sell your product on Facebook Shop and Instagram Business initially and later on you can create your website to provide a more customized experience.


Digital maketing makes whole world your market place

Why do you need a digital presence?


As we said digital presence is one’s presence on the Internet. This presence allows you to grow, explore and the most important thing is to connect with people.


Now you may be thinking about how beneficial this Digital presence is? If you look at the people around you in day to day life, you will observe that most of them spend their major time on smartphones, laptops, Tablets.


They prefer ease and comfort at shopping, surfing, and services so that they can avail of anything on one click. Your business may be one of them, people might be already looking for your services. 


What are the Benefits of having a digital business for your business?


Accessible 24/7: The business is accessible by the customer to purchase products and services even when you are taking a rest or not working.  The online store is available 24 hrs / 7 where any potential customer can purchase with a great experience.

Greater audience reach: In any kind of business audience reach is important and digital presence allows you to reach the audience globally. For eg: You want to sell Shirts of your brand abroad so your digital presence can do for you.

Convenient selling with the help of shopping carts: Now people are shifting from regular forms to buying online. So, businesses need digital shops. These digital shops save time and connect customers and businesses in a single click. Your customer can easily select products from the Digital showcase and make payments very conveniently. And products got delivered on their doorstep which saves a lot of rush and maintains social distancing which is the new normal in 2020.

Easy and Affordable way to market your brand: In 2020,  marketing your brand can be affordable as advertising digitally gives you the power to showcase your product in your budget and at the same time advertise to the masses. The digital presence allows you to monitor the active hours of your potential customer and run ads in that time which is not possible in traditional way marketing like billboards which have limited reach or TV commercials which can be expensive.

Improve Customer services: Being digitally present allows a business to take feedback and reviews of customers directly or using Social media which helps to maintain better quality service and good relations with customers.


Digital marketing taking over Traditional marketing

What you can lose by not having a digital presence?


Currently, the world is suffering from a pandemic situation of COVID -19 and affected the lifestyle of everyone. As lifestyle is changing so do businesses need to change. Businesses need to shift from the traditional form of selling to digital selling. 


Digital presence is a new necessity for this new normal lifestyle. This Digital shop allows you to make a move and grab the attention of potential customers towards your product and services. So, either choose to move Digitally and win this situation or stick to the traditional way and lose.


The choice is up to you.

How does WorthIT help you?


WorthIT Tech and Solution is a Digital company that is helping many businesses in this Digital world by making them Digital or improving their Digital presence. We have a team of enthusiastic members who can work hard like Donkey, as well as knows the Digital world like Owls and knows when and how to make moves and get work done.

We are always ready to help you.

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